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Magento Chatbot Template

This template will help you turn your Magento store's traffic into sales via Messenger.

Abandoned Cart Recovery


Top Products and Product Categories

Product Finder (Personal Shopper)

Discounts and Post Purchase

Facebook ad to drive leads into your chatbot

Lead shoppers to the right product so that they become customers

The integrated personal shopper flow recommends the right product for each customer based on their individual responses.

Automate away your FAQs

Your customer service team will thank you for never having to answer "what's your shipping policy?" ever again.

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Template description

Power your Magento sales with this conversational commerce chatbot template. After a one click install your new chatbot will help you convert shoppers into customers with the personal shopper function. Add your product catalog and showcase your top-selling items. Answer FAQs 24/7 and remove barriers to a sale.

The template is prebuilt to use Chatfuel's live chat so that you or your support team can address any concerns and help the customer finish a purchase.

After a customising the template to fit your brand voice, you'll have a chatbot that covers the whole customer lifecycle from using Facebook conversational ads for lead generation to post-purchase follow-up and re-engagement campaigns to get repeat purchases.

After you install this template, check out our E-commerce Playbook.

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