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Realtor Chatbot Template

Ideal for realtors dealing in homes. Generate buyer leads, qualify them and show them matching properties.

Get buyer leads

Buyers Qualification Sequence

Increase Engagement

Immediate followup

24/7 responses and customer service for your clients

Generate Buyer Leads

Get and qualify buyer leads. With this easy to setup flows you can quickly build a list of prospects.

Immediate follow-up

No matter what time a buyer contacts you, you'll be able to follow-up with by using this bot template. And your lead will stay warm for you to close.

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Template description

This template will help generate buyer leads, qualify them and show them matching properties. You'll be able to qualify homebuyers through a simple, Messenger conversation that lets you build rapport with the buyer and create a profile at the same time. No more leads with the wrong phone number or fake email, with Messenger you have a verified and direct connection to a buyer. Send listing updates, open houses and more to home buyers directly on Messenger.

Now you can use messenger to replace your lead gen. No more cold calling, door knocking or fliers that don't produce the results they once did. Augment your email marketing with Messenger open rates that are on average around 80%. Install your Realtor Facebook Messenger chatbot template in one click and increase your leads and open rates today.

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